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Your healthy hair how-to

Trends come and go with each new year, but one trend that's hot every year is healthy hair. It's not judged solely by length, but also by volume, shine, and overall integrity of the follicle. Here's what you need to know to determine your hair health and how to keep it up!

  • Curly or straight, your tresses should hold a smooth texture and never feel dry or brittle. Run your fingers through to test it out- not tangle? You're good!

  • Natural shine and luster is a great sign of cuticle health, no oils necessary for that (although a good oil can improve your ends in between salon sessions).

  • Step outside on a humid day and see what your hair does. If it takes on its natural texture, you're on the right track.

  • Shedding is normal (between 80-100 strands per day), but breakage and splitting is a sign that your hair needs moisture.

  • Natural brunette living life as a blonde? When your stylist touches up your roots, the lightener typically should not be pulled through to the ends, to avoid touching previously colored hair.

If you're looking for steps you can take to improve what you have (or avoid the bad) you can begin to reverse the damage with these easy tasks:

  • Healthy hair starts from within. Talk to your doc about a multivitamin or a biotin supplement to boost your body's keratin infrastructure- the protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails.

  • Keep a swimmer's shampoo on hand to mitigate the toll chlorine or mineral-heavy water takes on color and integrity. We love and use Malibu C's line of chlorine and hard-water products.

  • Getting a good brush can go a long way. Since your hair becomes more elastic when it's wet, take care when brushing post-shower to avoid breakage. We can't name one person without a Wet Brush!

  • Limit your use of heat-styling tools. We all love a good blow out or cute curl, but if you don't have to, take your hands off the heat! While flat ironing, it's best to use at a lower heat, with a couple of passes over each section.

  • Be gentle when you pull your hair back. Repeatedly pulling hair back into tight buns and high ponies can cause breakage, wreaking havoc on your hair line. When you can, tie your hair back low and lightly, with silk ties, thick bands and invisibobbies (the spiral ties).

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