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Products we love, use, and recommend

We frequently update our Products We Love page to keep you informed on what we're loving for your hair- and ours!

Finding great products and sharing our knowledge with our clients is a fun part of our job. After all, what we want is what you want: beautiful, healthy hair that makes you feel good. This post is an archive of sorts of all the products we've highlighted on that page and will be updated as we feature new items. Use this arsenal of go-to, stylist recommended products to keep your hair healthy and radiant between appointments.

The products we highlight are used daily by our stylists and sold in the salon. Visit our Products We Love page to read about our current Product of the Moment!


Hair Perfector: Step 3, Olaplex

While Olaplex Steps 1 & 2 are exclusively for in-salon use, Step 3 is available to clients to use at home! Perfect for all types of hair, Olaplex is a bond-maintenance system that works on a molecular level to strengthen bonds, restoring the integrity of your hair repairing chemical and thermal damage. You'll notice a difference in your hair in just a few uses. Our clients and stylists love the results!

Olaplex now offers shampoo and conditioner as Steps 4 & 5, available for sale at Profiles Salon 7.

Curl Re-Energizing Spray, Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil's Curl Re-Energizing Spray does just that: it brings some life back into your curly or wavy locks after a night's sleep or a day of checking things off your to do list. Infused with the line's signature Argan oil as well as aloe vera and tea tree, this lightweight mist revitalizes your mane by re-introducing shape, smoothness and moisture and reactivating your natural curl.

And of course, as all things Moroccan Oil, it smells amazing. Year-round summer hair? Yes, please!

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