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How not to care for your hair in quarantine

We're seeing a lot of beauty happening across social media. Some great and some... we definitely want to advise against. Before you let your split-second decision turn into a disaster, read these what not to do's:


Your spouse doesn't really know how to use clippers and you need a few different attachments to achieve your stylist's finesse. A high hairline and patchy sides are not a good look for your next Zoom meeting. If you must, take a trimmer to clean up your neck and sideburns and leave it at that until you can get back in the salon chair.


You watch your stylist in the mirror every four weeks (two weeks? No judgment!) and it looks like a breeze as we section your hair and put some color in there and voila! But that's our job. We know there are at-home options on the shelves, but the technique and color matching know-how is harder than you think. Not to mention, you can do some damage to your hair's integrity that will outlast any lockdown. If you normally love your color, suffer through some growth for a couple of weeks, using powder touch-ups when you must. We feel your pain!


They are a huge change to your whole look. Even done by a professional, it's a big commitment. No matter how many YouTube tips, tricks & how-to videos you watch (the technique goes beyond grab, twist, and cut), it likely won't turn out the way you hope. It's a style you need to be sure of so if after lockdown this new style still calls to you, we'd love to help you out! But for now, put the kitchen scissors down and walk away.

Something you can do?

Take this downtime to finally give your hair some TLC. Use a deep-moisture hair mask once a week to nourish and revive your locks. You'll be amazed by the results!

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