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Don't let rain ruin a good hair day

Bad weather can change your mood in an instant, but that's no reason for your hair to suffer. Rainy days don't have to equal an automatic top knot.

Even when the climate isn't cooperating, there's simple styles and tips to keep every strand in place. Here are our three favorites:

Curl it

Stay a step ahead of the weather and curl your hair before the rain and humidity does. On a rainy day you may thinks it's best to straighten your curl rather than let it go natural. But wavy or curly styles will hold in almost any weather. If your looking to add heat, enhance your natural curl with an iron to make it cooperate even when the climate won't.

Braid it

We love thick, textured braids but in messy weather, keep them tight. You may be tempted to braid your hair wet, but the trick to keeping braids sleek is to completely dry your hair first, then add a light coat of hair spray to keep any fly aways down.

Prep it

A little anti-frizz or smoothing cream (pre-blow dryer) will go a long way. Skip heavy holding products like mousse and styling creams. Again, make sure your hair is bone dry before stepping out into any drizzle.

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